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Just because you work in finance, tech, insurance, or in another white collar industry in Manhattan doesn’t mean your employer still isn’t legally required to pay you fairly for all of the job duties you perform. Even if you are salaried, if you work over 40 hours per week, it is likely that you should be getting overtime pay; you may also deserve bonuses, commissions, PTO, sick days, payment for business expenses, and more. You are entitled to all the wages you legally earned for the work you did as well as other penalties under the law (depending on the circumstances).

When your employer fails to pay you correctly, we’re here to help! AndersonDodson will pursue those unpaid or underpaid wages on your behalf. We can review your situation to determine if you have a case at no charge to you and in such a way that your employer won’t find out about it until you decide to take action. Our attorneys only focus on these types of cases. Our extensive knowledge, experience, and education can give you an advantage when it comes to the amount you may be able to receive! You don’t owe us legal fees; your employer will pay our fee when your case is resolved. We’ll guide you every step of the way. Call today to schedule your free, confidential consultation and learn more about your options.

"Amazing, Knowledgeable, Creative and Respectful Lawyer. I recommend Penn Dodson. She is very passionate about her job. She cares for her clients. Very easy to talk to and have a very deep understanding of the law pertaining to labor issues."
Theresa and Danny

"I highly recommend Penn Dodson if you are in need of council. She is very thorough and transparent and takes the lead in bringing resolution to employment matters. She was active with communication throughout the process both with my previous employer and myself which enabled me to focus my attention on other matters. It was a positive experience and I'm satisfied with the results."
Matt K.

"Ms. Dodson is an amazing attorney! She and her staff settled my case relatively quickly, continuously checked on me, and reassured me throughout the process. I also never had to go in person to sign anything or meet because it was always over the phone and email. (You do have the option if you prefer, however). She was very tough against the employer who wronged me. I completely recommend her and would definitely work with her again."
Lisa A.

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