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Don’t Sign That Severance/Separation Agreement Just Yet

So much is happening, so fast right now … it is tempting to take what you can, while you can. We encourage you to take a deep breath, and ask yourself:

Does this “agreement” really give me anything I haven’t already earned, or that my employer has to do anyway?

– Am I giving up valuable rights, and am I getting something valuable in return?

– What are the possible pitfalls in this document that I might not know about?

– Are there things I should include to protect me?

– Do I know enough to feel confident in signing this?

The truth is, these agreements often can be made to work better for you. Sometimes there are consequences even your employer didn’t know about. (But usually, they had a lawyer look at it before they gave it to you!) Whichever, there can be important clauses in there that could have a big effect on your life. You deserve to know what they are, and to be able to make a choice about whether to accept them.

At AndersonDodson, P.C., we have a process to provide a legal analysis of your severance/separation agreement contracts for a minimal fee. We can quickly review your agreement for potential problems and advise you as to what makes sense to try to fight and what to leave alone.

This is a package for people who want top-notch, high-quality, straight-forward, pragmatic legal advice, for a defined, affordable fee. We have designed this offering to meet this need, by asking you to put in some time and effort preparing for the meeting with the attorney. Here is how this package works:

1) You answer some general background questions on this questionnaire, including points you’d like to cover during the conversation with the attorney, so that we both come to the call prepared.

2) We will send you a limited retainer agreement and you pay the fee online in advance of the attorney beginning work on your behalf. The fee is $500.00. (We won’t invite you to hire us, if we don’t think we can help you!)

3) We will share our Clients-Only “Severance Agreements Guide.” This is for you to review the common terms and provisions in these types of agreements, in plain English, as well as what they “really” mean, what to watch out for, and what you might want to try to negotiate.

4) You send us the Severance Agreement you want us to review, and an attorney will look at it promptly.

5) You chat with the lawyer for up to 30 minutes for a scheduled phone call which you can schedule. If you come to the meeting organized and prepared, this is plenty of time to get your questions answered and concerns addressed.

For most people, this will get you everything you need. However, if you do determine, that you would like additional assistance, such as negotiating on your behalf, or editing the language of your agreement, etc., then we can discuss your next steps.

Don’t delay. We will get right to work on this for you.

This review can make all the difference in your life!

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