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Structured Employment Contract Review Package

This is a package for people who want top-notch, high-quality, straight-forward, pragmatic legal advice about an employment contract they have been offered, but don’t really to spend a lot of money for the review. We have designed this offering to meet this need, by asking you to put in some time and effort preparing for the meeting with the attorney. Here is how this package works:

  • You answer some general background questions here regarding points you’d like to cover during the conversation with the attorney.
  • You upload the employment contract (≤10 pages) and an attorney reviews itYou pay in full online in advance of any attorney work beginning on your behalf. The cost is $500.00
  • We email you a link to our one or more of clients-only Employment Contract Guidance webpages, depending on the kinds of contracts at issue. These are resources that discuss many of the more common terms/provisions in contracts in plain English, as well as what they “really” mean, what to watch out for, and what you might want to try to negotiate
  • You chat with the lawyer for up to 30 minutes for a scheduled phone call which you can schedule here. If you come to the meeting organized and prepared, this is plenty of time to get your questions answered and concerns addressed.
  • For most people, this will be the end of the commitment. However, if you do determine, through this process, that you would like additional assistance, such as negotiating on your behalf for more severance pay, or the attorney editing the language of your agreement, etc., then we can discuss your options for next steps.

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