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Super SanchoSuper Sancho
23:21 20 Feb 23
I’m thankful that this has come to the end and I can close this chapter in my life. Anderson Dodson walked me thru every step of the way. Very professional and courteous and WE got the WIN!
Charlene DaughtryCharlene Daughtry
19:58 13 Jan 23
I’m so grateful to have AndersonDodson working on my behalf their a team that cares about their clients and getting what has to be done to make it right. Thanks to them I can finally get my life back on track they will always be the firm I would recommend 100%
Shannille CarterShannille Carter
19:52 20 Dec 22
Above and beyond help from this firm and the best part, the case was a success! They exceeded my expectations and for that I am forever grateful for choosing AndersonDodson! They truly have your best interest at heart and walk you through every step thoroughly.
Amanda HarjoAmanda Harjo
18:41 09 Nov 22
My husband and I hired AndersonDodson because a employer took money from our paycheck and they got it handled without going to court and got us what we were wanting from the settlement. They did their very best to keep us informed even though we were probably annoying at times but they were honest and understanding and if we ever get into another situation like this again (hopefully we never do), we will with no doubt hire them again 🙂
Sumattie RamoutarSumattie Ramoutar
20:28 04 Oct 22
Miss Dodson and staff are the best to represent anyone who has problems at their job. They gave you what they promise you it might take time but it worth the wait because Miss Dodson and staff work diligently for you. I must say thank you Miss Anderson Dodson and staff for all the efforts and hard work you have put in for me and my friends, you have fought very hard for us and you gave us victory. Thank you 🙏
Employees have the right to be compensated for the work that they do for their employer, but some employers, whether intentionally or not, don’t follow the law on how they should pay their employees. We are here to stand with you to make things right. If your employer has:

  • withheld your pay for any reason;
  • not paid you the overtime you worked (at time-and-a-half);
  • stiffed you on commissions you were promised;
  • called you “salaried” when you work more than 40 hours a week*;
  • then you may have a legal right to pursue the wages you should have been paid in the first place!

    AndersonDodson, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to working with our clients to recover their unpaid and underpaid wages. We will help you understand what your employer owes you for your hard work. We will inform you of your rights and options in complete confidentiality. Most of our clients do not have to pay us anything unless we reclaim their wages!

    You deserve the wages you worked hard for.

    You deserve lawyers who help you to stand up for what is right.

    That’s what we do. Call today for a free consultation!

    "Amazing, Knowledgeable, Creative and Respectful Lawyer. I recommend Penn Dodson. She is very passionate about her job. She cares for her clients. Very easy to talk to and have a very deep understanding of the law pertaining to labor issues."
    Theresa and Danny

    "I highly recommend Penn Dodson if you are in need of council. She is very thorough and transparent and takes the lead in bringing resolution to employment matters. She was active with communication throughout the process both with my previous employer and myself which enabled me to focus my attention on other matters. It was a positive experience and I'm satisfied with the results."
    Matt K.

    "Ms. Dodson is an amazing attorney! She and her staff settled my case relatively quickly, continuously checked on me, and reassured me throughout the process. I also never had to go in person to sign anything or meet because it was always over the phone and email. (You do have the option if you prefer, however). She was very tough against the employer who wronged me. I completely recommend her and would definitely work with her again."
    Lisa A.

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